Carrielynn Victor - Xémontalot Biography

Eastern Fraser Valley based artist Carrielynn is a descendant of Coast Salish ancestors that have been sustained by S’olh Temexw (their land) since time immemorial and Western European ancestors that settled around Northern Turtle Island beginning in the 1600’s. Carrielynn was born and raised in S’olh Temexw and nurtured by many parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. 

Along with owning and operating an art practice, Carrielynn maintains a communal role as a plant practitioner, and is the Manager of Cheam First Nation’s Environmental Consultancy. The philosophy and responsibilities of these land based communal roles are fundamental for informing the story, style and the details of Carrielynn’s artwork. 

With ancient and modern design principles combined, Carrielynn’s professional artistic practice takes the form of murals, canvas paintings, drums, paddles and in recent years, illustrations for scientific reports and children’s books.

Carrielynn Victor

Artist Statement

Carrielynn Victor’s artistic practice utilizes traditional formal elements of design that are central and rooted in Coast Salish culture while blending with contemporary styles and techniques. Victor’s work considers both personal and collective world views by investigating the stories and lessons that inform these views. Victor uses traditional methodology such as Coast Salish woven patterns and design to explore communal knowledge as a form of artistic production. Within their mural practice, Victor's work integrates their style and ancestral connections into their contemporary context.