About Carrielynn

Art has always been a way of life for Carrielynn, many of her memories as a child are moments spent in creation. Drawing in bulk began when her mother brought home discarded rolls of used drafting paper, and this evolved into a practice of spending countless hours creating stipple art pieces. This style eventually morphed into works featuring an uneducated Coastal design style paired with pointillism. (1992-2000)

Following a serious car accident, and the rehabilitation of her wrists, Carrielynn switched styles to loose and free acrylic painting. The uneducated coastal style she was doing at the time caught the attention of Sto:lo elders, and she was corrected and steered in the direction of a more appropriate Coast Salish design style, a pivot that forever changed Carrielynn's art, and worldview. 

Through murals, digital illustration, and communally rooted exhibition pieces, Carrielynn has grown as an artist. The works she creates feature local history, colors inspired by nature, and key environmental messages. 

Currently featuring more than 20 murals indoors and outdoors, you can find Carrielynn's work in Vancouver, Chilliwack and Abbotsford.